Outfit Of The Week : Park Aside


 As we look back on this week, we realize we've been mistreating the blog a little bit; this week has been a bit busy, one of us had mid-terms. We finally got some time this weekend and enjoyed the last Halloween celebrations. We've been luckier than New York and the rest of East Coast -hope everyone is safe!-, the hurricane was more soft in Montreal, all we got was a little more wind than usual & of course...Rain!
Perfect occasion to wear our wellies; comfortable and your feet are not wet. We had to take pictures inside though, because it was more convenient! 
Hope you all had a great weekend.

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L was wearing 
American Apparel Tank Top
Hurley Jeans
Nasty Gal Belt
Steve Madden  Rain Boots

 C was wearing 
Urban Outfitters Dress 
Hunter Rain Boots 
Urban Outfitter Bag

2 comments on "Outfit Of The Week : Park Aside"
  1. you look amazing :)
    I love your outfits!!


  2. i love hunter wellies :D



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