Outfit of the Week : Falalalala

Cold has suddenly taken over Montreal to a point where it's really difficult to stay outside. It may be sunny but don't get mistaken, it's freezing, it reached -15°C yesterday! God bless Canada Goose & Pajar -or any other brand that make winter coats- we can safely say that they are our best friends for the winter. From length & width to colour & heat efficiency, choosing wisely your winter coat in Canada is important because you won't let go of it the whole long winter, which is not less than 6 months.

We can't believe how time flies, we're in december now, 24 days away from Christmas; and it seems like it was a few days ago but last week we took part of The Fashion Society launch party, and hopefully we'll post about it this week!

Now for this week's outfit, it is good for a cold afternoon; but of course under what we're wearing are extra layers because of the temperature!

Have a good weekend! x

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L is wearing
Urban outfitters knit
Canada Goose coat

C is wearing
Zara Studded Shirt
Andre Boots
Pajar coat


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  1. Adoring the pink parka! You both look lovely in your winter gear :)



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