Outfit of the Week : Feel Good

hey there

today's post isn't about cigarettes but i like this picture
i won't share my thoughts about smoking here but what i'll share with you is my outfit (not literally)

whatever you smoke or don't, is your choice. whatever you wear (or don't) is your choice too. 

i found this crochet crop top at Urban's. i instantly thought about freedom. try it on & you'll believe me. 

i love clothing that are comfy & makes me feel like a bird (i'm talking about the free part)

peace out   x

Urban Outfitters headscarf
Urban Outfitters crochet crop top
Topshop skirt
Urban Outfitters sandals

✌          L.

3 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Feel Good"
  1. You may not like this comment but ..........you have the most beautiful skin dont ruin it by smoking . I know it is your choice but............

  2. It would look so so so much better if there weren't those tan lines! But I will try to look pass it :) xo



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