Outfit of the Week : Nostalgic

another windy/gloomy day ahead

i always say, you should appreciate everything around you. 
my heart goes out to those who lost their lives in the tragic accidents that took place this week. 

anyhow, as i was exploring my old bags closet, i found this italian backpack which used to belong to my mom (ohyeaaa!)

so i guess if you dig hard enough, you'll find wonders ;)

i admit openly that i'm one of these girls who find it really hard to throw something out, even if it doesn't fit anymore, outdated or really torn. well, it depends on what it is, but sometimes it's not easy to let some things go to waste. 

that's right! i do recycle!! 

i wish everyone a groovy weekend full of whatever makes you happy 

cheeeers ! 

H&M top
Topshop denim skirt
Zara sandals
Vintage leather backpack

✌          L.

1 comment on "Outfit of the Week : Nostalgic"
  1. Such a tragedy!
    Love your backpack so much!


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