Outfit of the Week : Mine

P1120210 Because your mom's closet is always gonna be more relevant.
A few months ago I found this crop top kind of thing in my sister's closet. She said it belonged to my mom & she didn't even like it... For a second I took it personally, why would she give it to her instead of me? Now it's mine (because I decided so)!
I also have an obsession with buns, but in a way, everyone does when it's that hot!
These are the last pictures I took before leaving the island (literally a few hours before my last beach trip & airport bound) I already miss it! On a brighter note, I'll back back in Montreal in 4 days after being away for 3 months!
P1120109 P1120214 P1120133 P1120152 P1120142 P1120177 P1120171

I was wearing
Vintage Crop Top
Mellow Yellow Sandals
Urban Outfitter Sunglasses

2 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Mine"
  1. I'm always so excited about your outfits (:
    You look so cute & elegant, that crop top is unique!


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