Outfit of the week : Rescued

 Paris I'll miss you...

I'll miss the decent weather that allows you to go out weather knits & no tights under your pants. Today I'm heading back to Montreal, but first it's time for a last post solo :)

It's not a secret that my black Dr. Martens are my favorite shoes...Imagine my reaction when I discovered my sister never wore her Grey Dr Martens? They've been stuck in their original box for a good 6 years, and since I have a big heart I rescued them & decided to give them a better life... IMG_2522 IMG_2540 IMG_2502 IMG_2543 IMG_2526 IMG_2599

I was wearing
Monki Knits
Monki purse
Topshop Jeans

4 comments on "Outfit of the week : Rescued"
  1. love the sweater! it has the perfect winter fit!!


  2. Wow you're so lucky to have inherited a brand new pair of docs!! I wish I had a cool sister! Also, you've convinced me I need to hunt down a big slouchy sweater now!

    xo freshfizzle

  3. You're beautiful...really !
    And I love that outfit <3
    Stephanie - http://haveafashionbreak.blogspot.com


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