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2014 , we welcome you with arms wide open.

hopefully this year, i get more motivation to organize my time, my closet & a lot of other things.

even when it's hard to throw some clothes you don't use anymore, it's better to clean & update it frequently. since i've been packing to move, i'm kind of forced to go through all my closet.. and what i found are some clothes i've had for a while that still got tags on 'em. & some, i don't even want to wear. ever. some of these clothes are the reason why online shopping is sometimes risky. you don't get to see or try the clothes, you just pay and receive. most of the time, it looks really different from the picture and from what you imagined it would be.
i end up keeping 'em, thinking that one day i'll end up wearing them. FALSE. if the first impression doesn't do it, then i guess you should let it go.

IMG_1379 IMG_1408 IMG_1415 IMG_1363 IMG_1421 IMG_1357

XXI sweater
Topshop leggings
Zara bag
Shelly's cut-out boots

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