Outfit of the Week : Baby Pink

I feel so lucky to be here...
I've always wanted to visit Mexico, and I finally got to check that off my 'travel list'. I found myself in a beautiful 'hacienda' in the middle of the jungle, 5 minutes away from one of this world's wonders, Chichén-Itzá. Probably one of the most impressive things I've ever seen.

Last week when I was in Miami, I couldn't resist getting another pair of shorts, American Apparel's high waisted ones are so easy to wear & they had 'new' colors (more like 'it came out 2 decades ago but you didn't know' new) you can already guess it didn't take much for me to get in & buy one. I'm really digging the whole acid wash thing.

Mixed with a baby pink satin top; I didn't even know I liked satin. Baby pink is color I'd usually never wear, and I have to say I did have a hard time trying to make it look 'normal', you know, so it wouldn't look like I'm wearing some kind of...PJ? I hope it didn't...

IMG_7475 IMG_7461 IMG_7465 IMG_7464 IMG_7468 IMG_7473 IMG_7467

I was wearing 
Monki baby pink satin top
American Apparel acid wash shorts
Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal shoes

3 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Baby Pink"

  2. So cool that you got to visit Mexico! Mexico is definitely on my travel checklist too. I must agree with you that AA does have some pretty decent fitting high waist shorts and in some cool washes. Also that top is lovely on you, it drapes very well, and it doesn't look pajama-ish.

    Neon Fox


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