Outfit of the Week : Bittersweet

Last stop,  the big apple...

It was a short stay and it made me realize I need to come back to NYC soon. This is the end of my summer trip,  I took these a few hours before heading to the airport. Bittersweet........

We were blessed with what I call 'the perfect city weather' just warm enough to be outside wearing shorts & a tank top, but not too much so you're not suffocating.

Exploring some shades of grey (no pun intended, really) this week, acid wash shorts + silver tank top and the favorites; white flatform + black backpack.

IMG_7905 IMG_7914 IMG_7892 IMG_7880 IMG_7901 IMG_7870 IMG_7899 IMG_7926 IMG_7933 IMG_7916 IMG_7920

I was wearing
Staring At Stars Acid Wash shorts
Urban Outfitters Silver tank top
Zara backpack
Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal Flatform

5 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Bittersweet"
  1. I love the tank top and your hair is so pretty!

  2. Perfect as always! I love the shades of gray and that golden watch with the rad sunnies! The top is wonderful ^_^

  3. Tank top and backpack envy!
    Too bad you had such a short stay in NY(at least the weather was nice) hope you enjoyed your time here. :)

    Neon Fox


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