Outfit of the Week : First Time

Do you ever have those days...
...You really wish you could stay in bed in your PJs, but you have so much to do it would be an irresponsible & regrettable decision if you did so? It was one of those days.
Sure I did not 'wake up like this' but frankly I could have.

I don't usually do the loose pants thing I guess there's a first time for everything. I found the print of this one pretty funny & it did look like a skirt...Except their pants which makes it so much easier (think of all the stuff you cannot do with a skirt though?)

Last weekend before things get real again. Lucky us it's a 3-day long one. Have a good one!
  IMG_8221IMG_8214 IMG_8262 IMG_8238 IMG_8245 IMG_8211 IMG_8261 IMG_8194

I was wearing
Missguided bralet
Urban Outfitters pants
Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal Flatform

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