Outfit of the Week : Last Dance

Last dance...

By the time you read this, I should be on a plane heading back to Montreal... It feels like yesterday when I left, times flies! I'm ready for a new year full of surprises...

Summer was pretty much nowhere to be found when I got back to France, apparently it left while I was gone. Can't say it was cold but you gotta keep a sweater somewhere, just in case...

Even if summer is not officially over, the fact that I'm back in Montreal kind of means it's coming to an end soon. Sure I'll enjoy the last hot days etc but let's say the best summer days are behind us, sadly. It's still time for some crop tops, though IMG_7992 IMG_7942 IMG_8011 IMG_8036 IMG_7982 IMG_7936 IMG_8006 IMG_8034 IMG_7986 IMG_8001

I was wearing
Missguided crop top
Zara sweater
Topshop jeans

1 comment on "Outfit of the Week : Last Dance"
  1. I always love your looks! And yes it's that time again...back to school for you?...I'm assuming. Summer will be missed.

    Neon Fox


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