Outfit of the Week : Check


this week's to-do list : act like we have a normal autumn. 

this week, i wanted it to be all about a normal outfit, no coats. indoors was a good idea. i certainly wouldn't wanna end up with a frozen nose.. lol   or a cold.  
so this is kinda dedicated to those who live in warm countries i guess (like in my country :D)  

IMG_5718 IMG_5839 IMG_5765 IMG_5854 IMG_5777 IMG_5817

Topshop crop top
One Teaspoon jeans
Topshop shoes

✌          L

2 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Check"
  1. I came from Chictopia to say this is a cool outfit! :) I love the crop top and how you combined it with the ripped jeans.

    I liked the outfit so much that I included it in my post about white crop tops:
    Hope you will like it!


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