Outfit of the Week : Still


Never underestimate the weather in Montreal. When it's sunny outside, it means that the cold is mean. 
Only a few weeks ago, i was still wearing cropped tops!
But still, there this urge to wear summer clothes that i just can't get over. I guess i'm kinda obligated to wear thick winter clothes.
IMG_9988 IMG_0029 IMG_9993 IMG_0028 IMG_9984 IMG_0027 IMG_9981 IMG_0013

Thrifted coat
Thrifted sweater
Topshop skinny jeans
Topshop shoes

✌          L

2 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Still"
  1. Great outfit! I love the bag, coat and jumper, they all tie in so nicely together!
    Hannah x

  2. You look spectacular in everything, including cropped tops and sweaters and maybe even a bag of potatoes. :D I love the styling here, the coat is gorgeous! ^_^


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