Outfit of the Week : Duo

Same colors, different week

It may not look like it but this jacket is actually very warm. Taking those sneakers for a last spin before I say farewell to the sidewalk for the next 3 months.

Very excited to be back in France for the holidays, you know, so I can enjoy not wearing 6 layers of clothes for a little while.

IMG_0213 IMG_0114IMG_0112 IMG_0219 IMG_0111

I was wearing
Thrifted Jacket
H&M Jeans
Monki Crop knits
Nike Sneakers

1 comment on "Outfit of the Week : Duo"
  1. It looks like this jacket IS very warm! I love this material, can't remember what was the name in English, but it's actually super warm! I love this outfit! ^_^


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