The babes are born & the velvet has grown

Once upon a time, ...psych! Who still believes in fairytales? 

Here's a little story for you;

There were two girls; one was chill and hipsteric and the other was fierce and edgy. In the iced weather of Montreal, they met by accident and, with all the common interest they had, decided to blog about it. 

They discovered that even with two extremely different styles, it somehow manages to work perfectly; the mixture of the two different personalities results a perfect combo, a complete circle. 

Story's over. (but no, now seriously we have just begun)

The whole concept of this site is the love of fashion and the will to share it, to nurture it. 
We're Lama & Chloé and we're sharing.

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  1. nice blog! i like that you're almost always together in your outfit posts



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