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Monday Highlight : Heaven online


Outfit Of The Week : Ghost Train


Middle Matter : Aldo's 40th Anniversary

Monday Highlight : Flashback Archive

PhotobucketJeffrey Campbell Shoes have been notable in fashion, with their uncommon vintage style and runway flair. Why is everyone so obsessed with the JC shoes? What makes them so wanted and out of stock all the time? We decided to write about the distinguished styles, an overview of Campbell's shoe collection over the past two years. But since there are more than a 100 pictures/styles of shoes, the pictures were randomly selected. For the official Jeffrey Campbell site, click here.

Outfit Of The Week : A Blazer Thing


Middle Matter : Scarves

In Pop We Trust

picture by atld

Monday Highlight : Exhibit A

Givenchy at Paris Fashion Week,

Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci unveiled black tabard dresses which came with clerical collars in gold and silver. As well as monochrome tuxedo styles that were featured in his defilé. Here are two  pictures of the collar in the two colours in PFW.

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Outfit of the Week: Baby It's Cold Outside


Middle Matter : Backpacks

Hey everyone! We're gonna start posting this new label every wednesday! It's gonna be mostly about personal opinion, wish lists, videos, ...  I hope you enjoy our first post! x

picture by fashiononymous

Monday Highlights : Nails

Splattered nails
Hello everyone and happy Thanksgiving for those in Canada! We've had a good long weekend, and this monday we want to talk about... nails! Back in June, we found a picture of splattered nails and discovered recently about the blog it was posted on. LOVE AESTHETICS is one of the most interesting blogs we've recently discovered. The blogger has an edgy/modern style, and her nails are amazing! Click here, and scroll down the "beauty" page for the full articles on her nails and more stylish tips!

Outfit Of The Week : The Return of the Knits


Monday Highlights

Fashion Trend:     HEADSCARF

This is a tutorial we found that shows 5 easy steps to how to tie a headband (Turban style). For the detailed article, visit !