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Monday Highlight : 2013


Here's a little recap of our Babes in Velvet year!

Outfit of the Week : Off Track


Outfit of the Week : Sneakers


Middle Matter : Assemblage III

Here's a little chic inspirations / ideas for your NYE's outfit

1. Elise Ryan ; 2. Rafé ; 3. ROMWE ; 4. Acne ; 5. Assad Mounser ; 6. Necklace ; 7. Celebboutique ; 8. Kate Spade

Monday Highlights : Hair Tutorials


Outfit of the Week : The Velvet Underground


Middle Matter : Countdown!

Are we already a day away from "the end of the world" as the Mayans say? Not even!

But even though, sarcastically speaking, it's really sad; one should never give up hope because BOXING DAY is near!


Monday Highlights : Online Shopping Part III

Let's say you're searching for a dress for New Year's Eve, but don't have enough time to go shop for one. Like always, the solution is visiting online clothing stores, not only to buy but to get inspired.

Here are today's highlights:


Outfit of the Week : Illusion


Middle Matter : Assemblage II

Hi everyone, happy 12/12/12! Here are some of our favourite items & colours this season! As you can tell, we have a little obsession with studs! Tell us what you think.

P.S: If our daddies are reading this, um we meant... If SANTA is reading this, you know now what we want for christmas ;)

Anything on your Christmas list yet? Share with us, we want to know!

From left to right: Chanel; vintage bracelets; Dr. Martens; Urban Outfitters earrings; Bank Fashion skirt; The Row sunglasses; H&M dress; Elix earrings; Chanel.

Monday Highlights : Fashion News

Did you know?

Earlier in November, Topshop displayed a campaign video for their Christmas campaign featuring a secret Hollywood starlet. After we failed to guess who's that girl, Topshop uncovered the identity of style icon & hollywood actress Kate Bosworth on the 4th of December. In the video, she sings Winter Wonderland! Check it out!

Outfit of the Week : Around


Middle Matter : Assemblage

Do you spend hours in front of your closet trying to mix & match a good outfit? We decided to help inspire you do that by putting together some of our favourite items! If you dig deep down inside your closet, you might find a few of these items; it's only a matter of having the right combination.


Left to right: Sophie Hulme; Joseph; Jeffrey Campbell; J.Crew; Illesteva; Acne.

Outfit of the Week : Falalalala