Outfit of the Week : Sneakers


Here I am back in my hometown also know as Paris. It's so good to be back, enjoying decent temperatures and going out with a simple military jacket!
Borrowed those sneakers from my sister, they're the comfiest shoes I have ever worn; and since I'm hearing it's snowing like there's no tomorrow in Montreal, I thought I'd take that one and only opportunity to wear them on the blog!

Stay tune for L's outfit tomorrow!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas! xoxo

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I was wearing

Vintage Military Jacket
Abercrombie Shirt
H&M Black Knits
Cheap Monday Jeans
Air Jordan Sneakers
H&M Bag


6 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Sneakers"
  1. I love your outfit! The sneakers are AMAZING!

  2. These sneakers are the best, I've never seen those before. Are they a limited edition or something?

    Keep it up girls :))

  3. I love that outfit and the Jordans come to swag up everything!

  4. I love this look! Its so chill yet cute!

  5. My good friend give me a new pair of wedge shoes in full red, I am so happy.


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