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Middle Matter : Transparent/See-Through Bags

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Outfit of the Week : Snowflakes & Skulls

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Middle Matter : In The Shadows

Wondering what happened to...

Fanny packs

Out of the fashion scene since the 80's, they are known to be practical but there's nothing fashionable about Them. A lot of people hate them, and a lot find them useful (article : 5 reasons Fanny packs are cool).
But, in 2013, are Fanny packs coming back & this time stronger than before, cooler than ever ? Or worse, disappearing forever?

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Outfit of the Week : Inside & Out

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Monday Highlight : Boyfriend Jeans

Outfit of the Week : Windy Street


Outfit of the Week : Jammin'


Outfit of the Week : From Paris with Love


Middle Matter : Sneaker Up your Life