Middle Matter : In The Shadows

Wondering what happened to...

Fanny packs

Out of the fashion scene since the 80's, they are known to be practical but there's nothing fashionable about Them. A lot of people hate them, and a lot find them useful (article : 5 reasons Fanny packs are cool).
But, in 2013, are Fanny packs coming back & this time stronger than before, cooler than ever ? Or worse, disappearing forever?

 photo fanny-pack1_zps4b31da44.jpg


They came out of fashion at the same time as fanny packs. Other than cheerleaders, wearing scrunchies is a little weird nowadays !

 photo lycrahairscrunc_070815_57f_1024x1024_zps2659682c.jpg


Wearing sequins can make you feel glamorous, but not all that glitters is gold. So a small amount of sequins should be fine, but more is suicidal.

 photo 5999875-close-view-of-server-al-different-colored-sequins-used-for-arts-and-crafts_zps48305c98.jpg

Animal print

They come and go, but the best way to wear animal print is to stick as much as possible to simplicity. Wearing too much leopard-printed clothes is horrific.

 photo Animal-Print-Dresses_zps5b059f35.jpg

But the worse of them all is...

Piling up jewellery

Wearing too much bling-bling vs. Keep it simple

We all go crazy when someone passes by wearing tons of jewellery, its disturbing. It seriously looks like you dived into a treasure box !

 photo shawtylo-fakebling_zps701ad7f3.jpg


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  1. #1 #2 and #3 should be gone by now... its yesterdecade ago dear... I am sorry... :(

    1. That's exactly the point of the article ! It's called In The Shadows after all :)


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