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February Recap

Whenever we shot for an outfit post, we always end up with a lot of photos and it's always hard to pick our 10 favorites to post on the blog. So we figured we'd make a recap at the end of each month, with some pictures from this month's outfits that we didn't get to post
Can't believe we're in March tomorrow! Here are all our February outfits, which one was your favorite?

Middle Matter : Sunglasses

For some, it is easy to find sunglasses because all shapes go well on them. But for others, it is not that simple. As a personal point of view, it is not what you wear but how your wear it ;)

Outfit of the Week : Chasing Rainbows

This week was intensely short. Can you even believe that February's almost over?

Middle Matter : Rihanna for River Island

A couple of days ago, 16th of February, Rihanna presented her collection in collaboration with River Island's designer Adam Selman in London Fashion Week. Criticized by almost all the media, Rihanna's collection was described as hideous and underwhelming.

Monday Highlights : Topshop Unique AW 13

As of last Friday, London's Fashion Week has started and yesterday, it was Topshop's turn to show us what they have for us next season.

Outfit of the Week : Wild Child

We're sure it happens to most of us, when we open our closets and find long lost items that you barely wore! So it started out like this for this post with L's jumpsuit & C's military jacket.

Monday Highlight : Luko Marion & Cokluch Fashion Shows (Montreal Fashion Week)

 photo Capturedrsquoeacutecran2013-02-11agrave141312_zps573814f3.png
Day three, on wednesday 6th of february, Montreal Fashion Week was pretty challenging between the industrial style of Cokluch & the underground urban elegance in Luko Marion's collection. Both expressed a different vibe, but did an amazing job!

Outfit of the Week : Problem with the Sun


Crazy to think exactly a week ago, Montreal Fashion Week was just getting started. Yes, it was short, but eventually got to attend 3 shows and above all, meet some Montreal bloggers which was a lot of fun. It's always a pleasure to meet people who have the same passion as you!

Middle Matter : byThomas Fashion Show

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-06at124203PM_zps58b58edf.png

We've been wanting to write this article since we discovered that by Thomas. is a canadian brand & that the designer is a very talented woman called Natasha Thomas.

Outfit of the Week : Four Floors