Outfit of the Week : Four Floors

Taking pictures for a blog isn't that easy; we first need to find a good  spot indoors with enough light, which we find really hard to find in Montreal (if you have any suggestions, let us know!)

Yesterday we took a few pictures in our university, L was wearing a new T-shirt she received this week  that she paired up with those velvet legging you saw here; and C an Aztec vest she brought back from Paris, creating a chilly and cosy outfit for a long Friday afternoon.

But what we are confused about is what we're wearing for Montreal Fashion Week which starts next Monday! We will only be attending the first show, but it sure is going to be a lot of fun, we're really excited!


 photo _MG_0932_zpsb809a0cf.jpg  photo IMG_1001quot_zpsa57fad43.png  photo IMG_1010_zpsb215c8f9.jpg  photo IMG_1043_zps0a8e936a.png  photo IMG_1077_zps425e89ba.jpg  photo IMG_1048_zps9a44160a.png _MG_0879

L is wearing
BOY London T-Shirt
H&M Legging
Zara Ankle Boots
Topman Denim Shirt
H&M Bag

C is wearing
Lush Aztec Vest
Topshop Tank Top
Just USA Black Label Jeans
Nasty Gal Bag


2 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Four Floors"
  1. very different vibe from each of you today, but both looking so lovely!!!


  2. I like the black handbag..where is it from?


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