Middle Matter : PURE STYLE Gilfriends Canada

During Montreal Fashion Week, we were introduced to Ashley Hirsh, who is currently implanting a Californian brand in Canada called "PURE STYLE Girlfriends".
So now this is the moment you're probably wondering what on Earth is PURE STYLE Girlfriend : it is basically a Lingerie Accessories brand that aim to help growing women's self-confidence. It comes to  complete an outfit by enhancing your natural curves! PURE STYLE Girlfriends offers an amazing range of products such as adhesive bras (yay for backless dresses and tops!), silicone cup enhancers, non surgical breast lifts... etc. 

Check out their official website for more informations & follow their updates on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!
It's currently available in some places in Canada, you can check the list here :)


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  1. If you have backless shirts and dresses, and don't want to seem tacky by showing your bra, this bra is perfect for that. This product is probably one of the best for its price that I have ever purchased. I would definitely purchase bali 2283


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