Outfit of the Week : Popping Some Tags


Spring Break is here -even if it's not exactly Spring yet- we're finally getting some time off... Can you believe we're already in March? A very exciting month ahead!

Earlier this week, we went thrift shopping and found interesting pieces. We really like the concept because every piece has a fashion history. So here's some of our newest finds that we were wearing yesterday : A leather jacket, a green sweater (L), a Brown Coat & Dr. Martens shoes (C), check it out!

Have a nice weekend xoxo

IMG_4788 IMG_4849 IMG_4824 IMG_4857 IMG_4826 IMG_4852 IMG_4755

L. was wearing
Vintage Leather Jacket
Vintage Green Sweater
JC Play Military Creepers

C. was wearing
Balmain Coat (Vintage)
Dr Martens Shoes (Vintage)
Zara Black Pants
Forever 21 Blue Sweater
H&M Bag


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