Outfit of the Week : Opposites

Last days of school & exams, step by step, summer is making its way to Montreal for our greater pleasure.

This week we traded our usual Dr Martens and Creepers for those see-through heels that we bought about 4 months ago, but never were able to wear. They happened to match both of our see-through crop tops!

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L. was wearing
Cheap Monday crop top
Topshop jeans
See-through heels

C. was wearing
Topshop crop top
Just USA Black Label Jeans
See-through heels


2 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Opposites"
  1. Really like the heels and crop tops, they're amazing!
    Not really a fan of that blue jeans, it looks like they're too big for you or something :/ pity!

  2. I can't believe how good you both look! You make me envy! :)



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