Outfit of the Week : Varsity Jacket

I was really excited to finally be back in Paris, it has never been that cold at that period of the year. We're not talking about Canadian winter but still.

As I'm still trying to catch up with the jetlag, and between two naps, my lovely (yes she is) sister & I went taking a few pictures in our neighborhood. A good occasion to wear a varsity jacket which color I adore since you don't usually see that one. And just when I was about to have a breakdown, the sun gently decided to show up, I was able to wear my new favorite sunglasses that you already saw in last week's post. I'm still fascinated by them for some reason, they have this thing that provoke a reaction from pretty much everyone I meet...But I'm not gonna lie, I kind of like the attention!

Have a nice weekend & make sure to check L's post from yesterday!

American College Varsity Jacket
H&M White T-Shirt
Just Usa black label Jeans
Nike Sneakers
Zara Leather Bag


2 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Varsity Jacket"
  1. I've always wanted a jacket like this one! Great outfit :))

  2. Awesome! I love everything about this look! Those sunnies are so unique :)

    xoxo Iris


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