Outfit of the Week : OBEY

P1070887 Just earlier this week, summer sales started for my greatest pleasure.

It's not like you ever need a good excuse to go shopping but let's say this time of the year, you simply can't help it & everything you thought you couldn't buy/afford, suddenly becomes reachable, gotta love it!

Among my recent purchases : these washed shorts, Obey tank top & some of the coolest shades I now own (are they my new favorites? Probably)

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PS : This is our 100th post! Cheers!

P1070868 P1070798 P1070748 P1070738 P1070890 P1070742 P1070878 copy

I was wearing
Obey Clothing Tank Top
Monki Washed Shorts
Zara Sunglasses

3 comments on "Outfit of the Week : OBEY"
  1. Wow, your outfit is so stunning! I really like your sunnies.

  2. Swag! i'm in love with your sunglasses and shorts! so special and pretty :)

  3. Those shorts are so cool :) & I love your tank top too


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