Outfit of the Week :Softly

IMG_0386 Loving this little back street.

I felt so free wearing this long skirt, I remember perfectly when I bought it, that was right after our shoot with auxjourslejour... But it was still cold back then! It was worth waiting!

IMG_0315 IMG_0211 IMG_0439 IMG_0399 IMG_0217 IMG_0333 I was wearing

Topshop Crop Top 
H&M Skirt 
Zara Sandals 

4 comments on "Outfit of the Week :Softly"
  1. well that's a gorgeous skirt!


  2. Love this outfit and I love the blog!


  3. Lovelyyyy, I adore your skirt

  4. I fit a size 16-18, and the 3x is a bit loose at the waist, but not enough to take in, just enough to not pinch as sit down and to conceal my chubs.


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