Outfit of the Week : Walking on a Cloud

FLASH news : RAIN for a whole week

it's not something new, we all got used to that by living in Canada so we learn to enjoy it. and we do ;)

isn't it awesome to dance under the rain? 

i put on my pair of white sneakers & feel like i'm walking on a cloud. haha
these babies are "passe-partout" (as we say in french) 

i don't think i'll be going to any muddy place today it would be a baaad idea

oh hey !

did i tell you that Leah (who i've known for ever) has been living with me for a month now & thanks to her i got my pictures for today's post .  cheers babe

(i'm wearing tights btw)

hope everyone has a groovy weekend !!!

Vintage denim vest
H&M grey skirt
American Apparel grey beanie
Everything All We Ever Wanted white sneakers

✌          L.

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  1. This is perfect, and I don't think I could have liked seein anybody else wear this! Althought it's sad you had to wear in beanie in June haha


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