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The main aim of our blog is to be relatable.
It represents who we are. Not everyone is gonna like what you do and it's totally fine! What would this world be if we all thought the same, probably boring as hell... We'd never try to be someone we're not. Our goal is to be ourselves. 
That said, constructive criticism is always welcome!

Putting an outfit together is a struggle when you feel you got nothing in your closet. But the truth is, if you dig deep, we all have items that match with everything; for example L's jacket or C's velvet leggings. They're pieces of clothing you can combine with so many different things. That's the reason why whenever you're shopping, we think it's important to remember the things you already have. Unless you're going for a complete makoever, shopping is about COMPLETING your wardrobe!

IMG_6488 IMG_6458 IMG_6401 IMG_6479 IMG_6438 IMG_6423 IMG_6493 IMG_6449 IMG_6407 IMG_6549 IMG_6441

L was wearing
Topshop crop top
Topshop high-waisted jeans
Vintage coat
Dr Martens boots

C was wearing
Vintage oversized sweater
H&M Velvet leggings
Dr Martens Boots
Zara leather bag

7 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Just Chill"
  1. It's perfect, no hesitation.

  2. you guys just look amazing! :)



  3. Love your style girls. <3


  4. Great !


  5. effortlessly cool & confident
    <3 you both

  6. my! you guys are so stylish :) loving these outfits
    & one of the main reasons why I love your blog is cause you guys are not trying to hard, you put together outfits people can relate to unlike so many blogs where you can't even afford anything or would never pull off! keep it up!


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