Outfit of the Week : Warm

Finals are right around the corner and we couldn't be more excited for Christmas break. They don't call it the "best time of the year" for nothing anyway...

This weeks outfits are, let's be honest not necessarily "Canadian weather appropriate". C's outfit is if you don't plan on staying outside for too long! Summer & fall went by so fast we sometimes find ourselves staring at our closet, missing the old warmer days...

_DSC0694 _DSC0716 _DSC0582 _DSC0642 _DSC0701
_DSC0580 _DSC0691 _DSC0707 _DSC0628 _DSC0697 _DSC0706

L. was wearing
Thrifted crop top
Silvian Heach blazer
Topshop high-waisted jeans
JC Play creepers
Obey cap

C. was wearing
Lush Coat (via Editorial)
Vintage sweater
Topshop Legging
Topshop cut out boots
Gerard Darel Bag

4 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Warm"
  1. Love the coat C! and L, the socks and sneaker combo is nice!!

    Good luck with finals


  2. Everytime I find something pretty, I look at the credits and I see "vintage". C you always find the best pieces I'm envious!! And that grey coat is amazyy

  3. you 2 are so cool !


  4. Great jacket! Loving your blog xx



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