Outfit of the Week : Appropriate


Mid terms week it is...

The good news is, at the end of this week we'll be on break, which gives us time to get back on our feet for the rest of the semester. Some of us like to call it "Spring Break" even though it's not exactly Spring yet (not even close), does that mean it's gonna stop snowing for good?

This week's outfits were actually appropriate for this weekend's weather only if it wasn't raining like the world was about to end when we were about to shoot some pictures. By now we got used to taking pictures inside anyway. Denim Jacket for L, and Moto Jacket for C, guess it's that kind of weekend!

Have a nice week.

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L was wearing
American Apparel denim jacket
JC Play studded creepers

C was wearing
Bagatelle Moto Jacket (via Nasty Gal)
H&M White Crop sweater
Topshop skinny Jeans
Dr Martens shoes

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  1. I can't decide what I love more about your blog, the fact that you two have the most impeccable and inspiring style, or the fact that you complete each other with your outfits... *_*


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