Outfit of the Week : Black

Mid-terms are behind us now it's time to chill.

Break. Does it mean, more free time or more time to...study? We like to think it's synonym of freedom but since not everyone is agreeing on the definition,... it does look like we have more time to study. Yay. We'll try to make the most of this week & plan on enjoying our freedom as much as we can though!

We love black. It's safety, it's chic & goes with everything. You can always turn a simple all-black look into something more personal, more you. It's easily customizable! You can never go wrong with black, that's for sure.

Have a lovely week.

_DSC1876 _DSC1927 _DSC1912 _DSC1778 _DSC1750 _DSC1740 _DSC1864 _DSC1817 _DSC1736 _DSC1797 _DSC1804 _DSC1880 _DSC1841

L. was wearing
Thrifted vintage military jacket
Topshop legging
Dr. Martens

C. was wearing
Monki crop top
Mango shorts
Lush Coat (via editorial)

4 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Black"
  1. Just discovered your blog and I'm quite impressed! You both have such an effortlessly cool style!


  2. You have no idea how much I love both your style *_*
    When I was in Uni, breaks were used to get drunk, and after the breaks, we would fall into depression, because we didn't study during breaks...Quality time! :D

  3. Hello girls! I just luv your pictures and outfits.
    Wanted to make you discover a touch that can totally bring something special to your outfits.



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