Outfit of the Week : Cosy

Yup I'm not wearing pants.

You'd think by now I'd stop wearing sweaters because it's warm, truthfully I don't know why I decided to wear one but I thought the fact that I'm bare legs was already enough; "En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil" they say!
A cosy monochrome outfit to enjoy the first  "warm" days in Montreal :)

IMG_4246 IMG_4232 IMG_4241 IMG_4237 IMG_4272 IMG_4261

I was wearing
Brandy Melville black dress
Abercrombie crochet sweater
Dr Martens shoes
Christian Dior purse

2 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Cosy"
  1. Haha, no pants! Yay!!! Sassy outfit! The crochet sweater is so lovely!!!

  2. Love. I still try getting away with sweaters too but I live in Texas.


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