Outfit of the Week : We say

This is the last time I will be wearing black, I think... Black is overrated & I'm starting to hate it.

Sike. It's April 1st, don't believe everything that you hear...

This week we're going floral, because hey it's Spring! (is it really?) Can we talk about the fact that every shop is selling Spring clothes but just last week we had a (last hopefully) snowstorm? Winter hasn't checked out yet... It's that time of the year you're just sick of wearing layer of clothes but the weather outside won't allow you to do otherwise... This week we say FU winter!

IMG_3806 IMG_3754 IMG_3731 IMG_3840IMG_3733IMG_3821

I was wearing
American Apparel Top
Topshop Legging
H&M Jacket


5 comments on "Outfit of the Week : We say"
  1. Great outfit, love your style so much. The jacket is so cool!
    I know what you mean I live in Russia and it's very cold too! Fuck you winter!!

  2. I've been following your blog for a while and when I read the first sentence of this article I got so confused haha. Totally forgot about april fools.
    Simple & stylish outfit, just how i like it!!

  3. I have the biggest crush on you just saying

  4. I just found this blog and I'm so inspired because I live in Montreal too! I love your style. I'm thinking about maybe starting my own fashion blog...if only I had a friend to start it with, or to just take my picture!

  5. It's funny how a lot of countries are having freakishly bad and cold weather, and shop owners are like: "Hey it's Spring you guys, here, have some lace stuff and short skirts that you'd probably die if you wear them".
    Loving those black pants, you have the body of a Goddess O_O


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