Outfit of the Week : Surprised

I'm back to Paris since last week, and as usual I'm surprised by the weather.

Every year, I come back around the same date and complain about the rainy/cloudy days, not realizing it's the same type of weather every year and therefore I should be prepared for this! It's not that it's cold (clearly,  I'm wearing a tank top) but WHERE'S THE SUN?

This week I went for the boyfriend jeans, always wanted to get some, preferably a light denim shade, & there they were, waiting for me.

IMG_4651 IMG_4592 IMG_4655 IMG_4575 IMG_4686 IMG_4694

I was wearing
Topshop Boyfriend Jeans
H&M Top


2 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Surprised"
  1. This outfit is simple but cute! I've been looking for affordable boyfriend jeans everywhere.



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