Outfit of the Week : Cuts

I'm so addicted to this jeans!
& my bag (obviously) that i've been wearin' for almost a year now.
The jeans's really comfortable probably because it's kind of a legging (i think they call it jegging these days...). I decided to pair it with a cut-out top too that i haven't been wearing that often..

IMG_3778 IMG_3803 IMG_3807 IMG_3823 IMG_3812 IMG_3824 IMG_3837 IMG_3852

Brandy Melville top
Topshop jeans
H&M heels

✌          L.

3 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Cuts"
  1. Definitely a cool look! Love the urban street wear vibes. And I so totally need those jeans!

    Neon Fox

  2. Cool boots!


  3. I'm addicted to these jeans as well, you're smoking hot in them! :D


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