Outfit of the Week : It's black

I'm in Miami...Beach.

If you know me personally, you know I'm infected by the 'travel bug', nothing & I mean nothing brings me more joy than the idea of traveling somewhere, not even a new pair of shoes, that's how much it makes me happy.

So here I am, in burning hot / very humid / unpredictable Miami Beach...
I went for a striped dress, because first what's more timeless than black and white stripes? Right. Plus these are thin stripes, aka my favorites. But mostly because the material of it is so soft & thin... The real star of my outfit this week has to be my backpack though, love at first sigh -literally- it's everything a backpack should be, 1) It's black. 2) It has A LOT of space but not too much. 3)...It's black.

IMG_6772 IMG_6737 IMG_6672 IMG_6739 IMG_6703 IMG_6734 IMG_6707 IMG_6781 IMG_6690bis

I was wearing
Brandy Melville dress
Zara Backpack
Andre Sandals


4 comments on "Outfit of the Week : It's black"
  1. Cute dress, very simple but you always manage to make simple things look incredible. x

  2. I love traveling it's really the greatest feeling. I totally love the striped tee dress. I need to get one of my own it's so perfectly simple!

    Neon Fox

  3. COOL LOOK!!!


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