Outfit of the Week : Mandatory

Beirut, I already miss you...

You hear a lot of things about Beirut, but clearly, you can't possibly know what it's like unless you actually go there & it surprises you! If you ever get an opportunity to go -and by that I mean you know someone there- take it!

Shorts + Crop top was mandatory that day because of the burning hot weather, but living in Canada about 80% of the year, you can guess that wasn't a problem to me!

IMG_5702 IMG_5714 IMG_5775 IMG_5761 IMG_5740 IMG_5729 IMG_5767 IMG_5715 IMG_5731

I was wearing
H&M crop top and long jacket
Levi's shorts
Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal sandals
Topshop backpack

5 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Mandatory"
  1. love this outfit so much!

  2. I am so addicted to your gorgeous cardigan! And can't express how much I love the top *_*

  3. great look

  4. love everything about this outfit! i want those shoes!


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