Outfit of the Week : Excuses

One last sweater weather day for the road...

...That did not last!

As you may have understood, I'm really into turtlenecks this season. Imagine my excitement when I found one combining my two favorite shades (Black & Grey)!

Also taking my good old Doc Martens for a ride, which makes me think I really want to get a new pair soon...because I need them for..........the winter (really though ;))

IMG_0088 IMG_0041 IMG_0096 IMG_0071 IMG_0102 IMG_0042

I was wearing
H&M Leggings
Thrifted Sweater
4 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Excuses"
  1. My 1460 doc martens are my everyday shoes. I've got two pairs, black and purple. The black ones were my first pair ever and I got them pre-owned off eBay. They lasted up to four years but I had to send them for repair last week because we all know, they are not waterproof and their glue came apart. Eventually, I had to invest in the doc marten shower boots and I don't regret my decision. They've got too much lace holes for my liking but they look good and are waterproof, I'll manage.
    I'd suggest you get the drench boots. They're similar to the 1460's you've got on here and are waterproof. Great for winter.
    Great outfit by the way! x


    1. Wow! I had these for 7 years now and fairly worn them, they've been through 3 canadian winters, and I was really grateful I had them but I can tell they took a hit, I don't want them to die on me! They're still good to wear, but I really wanna preserve them, that's why I'm thinking of getting new ones so I can wear both...Thanks for your advices :)


  2. I want a pair of Doc Martens sooo bad, but they're pricey for my pockets :D
    Love this turtleneck, the colorblocking is awesome!

    1. They are pricey but really you're investing for the next 10 years here, the quality is insane! I got mine over 7 years ago & worn them A LOT (especially during winter, it was almost everyday) for the past 3-4 years and they're still good to wear, surprisingly not damaged! Maybe ask Santa ;)



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