Outfit of the Week : Clear

How beautiful is the snow...
Never thought I'd hear myself say something positive about snow, but you've got to admit it looks beautiful...

It's usually not that cold while snowing, which means, unless you're gonna be walking to the other side of the city, you don't need 45 layers to survive. Only a good beanie and a big scarf.

I did go for some layering though : my new favorite tee that I cannot wear outside but wear under my clothes just because that's the only way I'll wear it before next summer; a thrifted sweater I got a few months ago, and this Black Friday gift to myself, a black coat I'm gonna enjoy wearing everyday once I'm back in France.

IMG_0365 IMG_0330 IMG_0347 IMG_0286 IMG_0344 IMG_0327 IMG_0369 IMG_0309

I was wearing
UO Scarf
Project Social T (via UO) Tee
Thrifted Sweater
Topshop Skinny Jeans
5 comments on "Outfit of the Week : Clear"
  1. You wear black as if you wear color, so creative and beautiful! I love the coat, it's gorgeous ^_^ And yay, wish we had snow here too :(




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