After a little hiatus due to meteorological difficulties, I'm back...

It's hard being a blogger in Canada, sure you can shoot inside, but let's be honest there is no better light than the day light... Mostly it's hard to do 'realistic' outfits (not that they're 'fake' but some are more "I would wear this now if I could" outfits), you know the ones you could actually wear during a weather like this. 

This week is very realistic though, we had a little 'heat' wave that allowed me to wear shorts, in memory of one of my favorite seasons : summer. Paired with the thickest sweater I own, found last month thrift shopping. Last but not least, the new addition to the family, a new pair of Dr Martens Santa blessed me with last christmas.

IMG_6350 IMG_6283 IMG_6387 IMG_6365 IMG_6317 IMG_6409 IMG_6326 IMG_6399

I was wearing
Thrifted Sweater
Mango Shorts
Dr Martens Shoes
Zara Backpack


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