IMG_0883IMG_0945 IMG_0917 IMG_0885 IMG_0933 IMG_0895 IMG_0907 IMG_0956 IMG_0923 I was wearing : Forever 21 shirt // Levi's Cut-Off shorts // Monki blazer, sunglasses & purse // Topshop sandals // MAC "Captive" Lipstick 

I feel this long blazer can turn the most casual outfit into something a little more 'dressed'. Without the jacket I'm ready to hit the beach but since I'm still in the city -for now- I figured the blazer was a good way to finish this outfit.

This is my last outfit from Paris for the next week, excited for what's next.

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  1. Just wanted to say that you are actual doll! I've fallen in love with your blog.

    Keep posting.


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