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All black looks have always been on the top of my list!
A few months back, while I was shopping, I found a very loose and long black skirt. I hesitated a bit and decided to wait before I buy it. But when I came back to the store, it was gone ...
And then I realized how badly I wanted it but could not get my hands on it anymore. 
I still think about this skirt, because even when it was very simple, loose and long, i thought I would be able to find a similar one at any other store. I was wrong. 
I find that every piece of clothing is so different from another even if they look the same. 
The fitting, the fabric, the measurements, etc. change from one piece to another, once skirt to another.  

Cheers to the weekend!

Topshop top / Zara pants / Shelly's heels


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