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I was wearing : American Apparel Stripped Sweater // Ralph Lauren Beige Jacket // Just USA Acid Wash Jeans // Dr Martens Shoes // Monki Black backpack.

I know it's completely unnatural for temperatures to be so high this time of the year and I know how scary it is to think global warming IS a thing (for those of you who thought this was an hoax, what's good?) but...I'm really happy we're in for a mild winter this year.

I get to wear all the things I didn't have time to wear during Fall (the things I didn't wear because I always wear the same clothes) like this jacket and a bunch of one-layer outfits, so naturally I'm not complaining. This is an update for all the fans of the 'all black everything' : Beige & green are amazing too, I swear.

This is the last outfit I shot in Montreal in 2015 as I'm currently sitting on my bed in France, and will be enjoying a nice and warm Christmas in the Caribbean (another very unnatural thing to do I must say). All I have to say is, a year ago, my last outfit of 2014 was in the snow. Let that sink in.

Pictures by Coline Bachelier