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I was wearing Heroes S. by Polette

Today I want to talk about  an accessory I genuinely never go out without : glasses.

I have worn prescriptions glasses since very young age, but it is not until I was a teenager that I truly realized the power of glasses. (Could because I was no longer my mom's experimental doll and I finally got to pick my own glasses). They surely are my go-to accessory to finish an outfit, no matter what season and weather. It is that serious to me. 

Recently, I was introduced to Polette, a French eyewear brand,? Trust, it isn't simply my national pride taking over, I thought it was important to share this special found. I often found myself wanting a the most simple frame, only to find out simplicity is a luxury (?).  It is easy to get tempted by affordable prices, the quality doesn't always follow. 

Polette's mission is to end the monopole of optics & expensive eyewear. They present themselves as the only intermediary between the factory...and you, which not many can claim! It's a whole package, and they offer a wide selection of original frames whether you're looking for prescriptions glasses or simply like to wear glasses. If you'd like to hear more about their unique concept, I don't think I could explain it better than they do, so you should probably check them out!
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