Shorts & Wool

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Lush Clothing Coat — GLF scarf — Vintage wool Sweater — Levi's cut-off shorts —Dr. Martens shoes

You may have guessed it, adapting to the weather may have been the biggest challenge moving here. But with time, my tolerance to cold got stronger and stronger. Pre-Montreal Chloe would have never worn shorts at 2°C, that, I'm sure of. But as the winter warrior I am today, I could not resist wearing my favorite cut-off shorts.

Being not entirely immune to cold yet, I had to compensate for the bottom part of my outfit (or the lack-off, for that matter) : A good'ol wool sweater, (hiding a layer or two) and of course, a super-scarf.


Pictures by Coline Bachelier
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Shorts & Wool"

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